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Yogalution Movement Peace Ambassador

Qiseana’s journey started over 10 years ago when she was getting her undergrad degree at California State University San Bernardino. She was looking for peace. She was looking for balance. She was looking for relief. She joined a yoga class offered in the kinesiology department on campus, but could not sit still or stop her thoughts like they requested, so she walked away.

Fast-forward 10 years, Qiseana moved to Long Beach to change her life of unhealthy coping mechanisms and behaviors. She found herself in the same emotional battle from over 10 years earlier, and just wanted peace of mind. She needed a healthy escape. She saw Yoga on the bluff by the beach, and could not believe this was happening. She wanted to be a part of it. Qiseana began taking yoga on the bluff classes and started to find life within her once again. She decided to go to the studio when it opened after the pandemic and joined an event with others. She walked into the studio and was completely taken over with a sense of calm and joy. Qiseana was finally where she wanted and needed to be. After a long financial struggle, she was able to participate in the Yoga teacher turning offered at our studio with Dharma Shakti. Through the training, Qiseana was able to face her past and find herself, conquering her fears and mental disruptions. She found her home among many others at Yogalution. Qiseana feels she has gained so much, and she continues to learn, grow, and change, and her life has been transformed forever.

Qiseana is on a mission to give others what she has found and to help others achieve their greatest selves through Yoga, meditation, and spirituality. Please join Qiseana at our studio. She’d love to help you on your journey of self exploration, healing, and prosperity. 

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