MM #63 : Feel Like you Are Falling Apart at The Seams ?

When our lives are turned upside down, or we experience BIG Challenges/Changes in our lives, this phrase is often said .... "I feel like I am falling apart at the seams....." Have you ever said those words my Friend?? ??? In This Video I unpack this expression and how we can turn it around as look at it differently. As Wayne Dyer Says, When you change the way you looks at things, the things you begin to look at change. !!! so lets change our perspective Make a cup of tea, and sit down and have a watch with me ! This is an old video I pulled out of the archives, and I find it is still relevant and will be helpful for you today, even though it was made 2 years ago!!! Please Listen and Ponder ! Your Ever Well Wisher, Dharma

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