Monday Message #40 :: Keeping up with life ??

Sometimes we feel like we are doing so much and nothing is happening - nothing is changing !! I’ve been there! And I am here to give you a little encouragement to keep going... In this video, I unpack a quote by Yogi Bahman, it really stuck with me, and I have been reflecting on it since I heard it about 3 weeks ago. Putting in CONSISTENT ACTION and EFFORT are foundational for your TRANSFORMATION!!

Awakening Authenticity Retreat :: last few days, last few spots!!

Deadline for registration is weds Dec 4th!

Will you join us for a weekend ?!?!?!

We spend the entire weekend unpacking Authenticity, how to cultivate it and maintain it. A deep dive into connecting to TRUE SELF so you can continue your journey to TRUE NORTH !!













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