>>>>>>>>> Monday Message #39 <<<<<<<<<< The Value Perspective

Often we are stuck on the "merry go round" of things, and not sure how to shift gears or directions or even how to get off the ride all together. You have to get off the "merry go round" and get a fresh and new perspective. In this video, I unpack a saying that a friend shared with me recently, it was something I really needed to hear. It made me feel a lot better about some decisions I have had to make and step into recently, some hard decisions... but this perspective gave me great permission to be okay with the choices I have made, because I realized I was stepping off the" merry go round" to gain some clarity... My hope is that this video brings you a similar permission to take a step back and look at things from different place... Perspective and Reflection are foundational for your TRANSFORMATION!!

Do you want Growth and Change in Your Life? You know you are READY, but not sure, how or what the next step is???

I have an amazing 3 month coaching program that has helped many of my students and fellow yoga teachers, I know it can help you too! if you are interested in stepping up to a new level for 2020, I'd love to offer you sample of my coaching, and give you a little taste of what the program is like... book your FREE call with me, what's it costing you to NOT reach out for GUIDANCE!??


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