>>>>>>>> Monday Message #38 <<<<<<<<< Fight Hard for your Dreams!

Today on Monday Message we unpack a quote by Elizabeth Warren !!! If it feels like a struggle or a fight to achieve your dreams... you're not alone!! We have to tap into our gritty self, and and find the fortitude to keep going when our dreams exist on the other side of challenge, conflict, or resistance. Keep fighting that good fight. Click the Play Button for some inspiration to keep going! In this video, I unpack WHY we must dig deep and find the inner strength to keep going when the mind wants to talk you out of it. Fortitude is Foundational for your TRANSFORMATION!!

Tired of Feeling Stuck ???

I have an amazing 3 month coaching program that has helped many of my students and fellow yoga teachers, I know it can help you too! if you are interested in stepping up to a new level for 2020, I'd love to offer you sample of my coaching, and give you a little taste of what the program is like... book your call with me, what's it costing you to NOT reach out for GUIDANCE!??


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