MM #60 :: Why do we suffer?

Why does suffering exist? Is there a purpose for it? Can we avoid it? In This Video I unpack a great quote by CL Lewis on what he thinks is the purpose of suffering, and i think its something worth pondering and contemplating. So make a cup of tea, and sit down and have a watch with me ! Your Ever Well Wisher, Dharma

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Download Your FREE "Enoughness" Meditation with Dharma Add it to your iTunes or music collection and have me in your pocket to guide you whenever you are feeling like you need a good, sweet and encouraging pick me up!!! This meditation was made with all in mind. It is specifically for you. My FREE gift to you and whomever may need it... feel free to pass along and share with a friend, a loved one or whomever !!! its free, its a my contribution to the community and beyond to help guide us through these challenging times.

My Newest Offering for those Spiritual Seekers out there! 

Bhakti (devotional) Sadhana (spiritual disciplines) is a dialogue and lecture based class where we will be diving into BHAKTI YOGA, this other, very special, and sweet path of yoga.

I will be Introducing some chanting of hymns and mantras, and reading from the sacred text ~ The Ramayana ~ The Epic tale of a prince banished to exile from his kingdom to the forest for 14 years with his beloved wife Sita and brother Laxman. Its quite the Story !!! 

If you would like to follow along in your Ramayana with me, I will be reading from the Valmiki version. 

The Ramayana is an epic tale that contains so many life lessons and principles in it that it will surely enrich your life the way it has mine! 

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Live Stream On Tues @ 930 HERE !!!

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