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Episode 11 | "The Evidence Box"

Lou Corleto

Dr. Lou Corleto has awoken to a greater truth about health and healing than the one that he was given at birth and that was fed to him throughout his young adult life. So he began a lifelong quest to master the healing principles. Lou has been studying the human bodies, consciousness healing principles for over 30 years. He has studied from the great minds, been to the sacred temples of Tibet and Japan, the sacred spiritual sites in Europe and shamans of South America.

Dr. Lou has worked with the full spectrum of people from celebrities to Tibetan monks from newborns to centenarians, from the extreme wealthy to the extreme poverty, from the people who live in Beverly Hills to the people who live in the poorest ghettos in third world countries. He has served people on ALL 7 continents and over 40 different countries. Lou has assisted people to heal from all forms of trauma, physical, mental, emotional, chemical and spiritual. He has assisted the paralyzed to walk, autistic children leave their inner prisons, the broken hearted heal and victims become victors.

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