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Empowered Living

Episode 16 | "The 3-Star Hotel of Life"

Kelsea Mazzocco

Raised in the Long Beach community and known for her 23 years in a thriving real estate business, Kelsea has always had a passionate calling for the healing arts. Kelsea has been practicing various forms of Yoga, meditation, and energy work for the last 27 years. Being a business woman, a mother, a wife, an artist, and a healer, her training and commitment to a disciplined practice of her own has given her the ability to have a wider window of tolerance for her own life's interactions & challenges. Kelsea's mission is to help others tap into their own infinite self so they may be better teachers, professionals, parents, and community leaders. She strives to encourage others to take ownership over how their vibration affects their well-being and the lives of everyone they touch. Opening GO INWARD was not planned. It was a divine calling for the times we are living in. The work we are doing here is designed to open your heart, strengthen your nervous system, and let your infinite driver be the master over your mind. We uplift & support you in a Happy, Healthy and Holistic lifestyle..

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