Abhyanga for Increased Stamina

ayurveda habits mood stability stress reduction Nov 29, 2023
Ayurvedic Oil Containers with Candle

Give yourself a full body oil massage on a daily basis.

It is nourishing, pacifies the doshas (energies), relieves fatigue, provides stamina, pleasure, and perfect sleep, enhances the complexion and the luster of the skin, promotes longevity and nourishes ALL parts of the body.

Here are some of the benefits traditionally associated with regular performance of this pleasant daily routine:

  • Increased circulation, especially to nerve endings
  • Toning of the muscles and the whole physiology
  • Calming for the nerves
  • Lubrication of the joints
  • Increased mental alertness
  • Improved elimination of impurities from the body
  • Softer smoother skin
  • Increased levels of stamina through the day
  • Better, deeper sleep at night. 


So how is this Ayurvedic Abhyanga done?

  1. Use comfortably warm massage oil (store your oil in a plastic flip top and warm it by holding it under running warm water for a few minutes).
  2. Pour some of the warm oil into the palm of your hand and apply it to the entire body. As you apply the oil you can massage it into your skin, applying even pressure with your whole hand –palm and fingers.
  3. Apply light pressure to sensitive areas such as abdomen and heart.
  4. Use more oil and spend more time on areas where nerve endings are concentrated such as the soles of feet, palm of hands and base of fingernails.
  5. Circular motions over rounded areas such as your belly or joints and straight strokes on straight areas such as your arms and legs works best.
  6. Rub the oil into your skin real good as if applying moisturizer (as this is a natural moisturizer with no toxic chemicals).
  7. After you are done, relax for 10 – 15 minutes, letting the oil and the massage do their magic!

The longer the oil is on, the deeper it penetrates the tissues. During this time you can meditate, read something relaxing or uplifting, rest, shave, cut nails and get ready for the day. After 10 – 15 minutes, you can dab excess oil off with paper towels if you would like (although it is not necessary). Then follow with a warm bath or shower. The oil is a natural soap and does not need to be soaped off, unless you feel super greasy, then by all means soap yourself off. If your schedule does not allow for a daily massage, try and squeeze it in at least three or four times a week. You will find it is worth it!



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