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Yogalution Movement Peace Ambassador

Andrea received a yoga mat as a Christmas gift in 2020 and attended her first class at LA Fitness in January. Excited to try something new as part of her personal development journey, she sought peace during a time of questioning everything and feeling empty.

She quickly fell in love with yoga, continuing her practice at home during the pandemic through live classes and YouTube videos. In the spring of 2021, Andrea discovered Yoga on the Bluff in Long Beach, where she learned about the essence and history of this sacred practice. This experience deepened her practice and helped her find a sense of community. ย 

Through yoga, Andrea learned to connect with and honor her body, show up for herself, and embrace pain and discomfort. It became a pivotal part of her healing journey. After starting classes on the bluff, Andrea knew she wanted to teach and further deepen her practice. She completed her training with Yogalution Movement in the spring of 2023.

As a teacher, her intention is to offer students the same love and grace that yoga has given her. Andrea aims to support others in seeing their own strength and light, and to feel valued just as they are. She believes that simply showing up is all thatโ€™s required. Andrea looks forward to holding space and sharing a piece of her practice and journey with you!

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