Zaire Black

Peace Ambassador

My path to this work was auspicious and divine .. 108. I love so much of the sava I do in my life. Parenting, teaching and music are fundamental to my life purpose, yet I was always subconsciously aware I was seeking more. I will never forget the first time I laid down under the stars for this pathway to healing and greater connection to source .. Breathwork. It rushed over me like a grand awakening. I told my bros that night, “yo this work is all me!” The great friends that they are, they gave me advice on training with David Elliott, author of “The Reluctant Healer.” I signed up and attended his workshop to level up my ability to hold space and be better aligned with my innate purpose, the healer. 

Gratitude Pause :)

A fundamental quantum leap was having a relationship with a committed healer Frankie Salazar. Our infinite timeless connection is critical to my methodology and approach to this type of space holding. Our culture is authentic and magical. We heal the collective and create a better community. That is everything. The love is real. I am excited to help you on your personal journey through breathing in the heart and getting out of thought in head space. Yes it is unique and personal to each of us. It is your journey. I am here to hold space and get out of your way. “We are all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

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