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Krishna Kirtan Music with Sri & Joakin draws from the rich and lively tradition of Gaudiya Vaishnavism.  You can listen and subscribe for free to their music channel on, and you can join them here live for their Krishna Kirtan Music classes at Yogalution's Online Yoga Studio. They celebrate this joyous mantra meditation practice in all the different rasas, or flavors, but hold a special appreciation for madhurya or the rasa of Divine Love.  They love to accompany the mantras with traditional raga melodies.  These beautiful raga melodies are designed to evoke specific spiritual emotions that help convey the mantra and pastimes, so that we may deepen our bhakti.  They love to share the musicality behind kirtans, elaborating on the different instruments of mrdanga, karatalas, harmonium and vocals.

Sri and Joakin are lifelong students of spirituality and the arts with many teachers to thank.  Sri Keshava dasi is a lifelong student of Hridayananda Das Goswami, receiving Diksa and training in Bhakti yoga. Sri acknowledges her Khayal and North Indian Classical Music guru, Sanjukta Das Gupta of the Benares Gharana.  She also acknowledges her dance gurus Nandita Behara (Odissi) and Radha Carmen (Mohiniyattam).  

Joakin Eskasan is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, studying Latin, African and Brazilian percussion from Eguie Castrillo and Joe Galeota, and also studied electronic music production from Richard Boulanger.  Fusing live percussion and electronic music during his college years Joakin founded Global Party People to dedicate a music career to keep people dancing.  After moving to California, in 2012 Joakin met Sri on a dance floor where they fell in love. He extended his hand as she crossed the dance floor and they danced for two hours non-stop. No wonder they love Krishna and his musical flute.

After dating for some time Sri shared with Joakin the bliss of kirtan at the temple.  He was drawn to the brilliant musicality, which inspired him to learn karatalas and mrdanga, and welcome kirtan as a way of life.  He discovered that “no one parties like the Krishnas!” referring to the pure love of dancing and singing the holy names every day.  Sri’s Bhakti, her vocal training and classical Indian dance led music to become the center of Sri & Joakins’ family life.  Now they partner and work together with the mission to spread love and Bhakti with their musical projects “Global Party People DJs” within the electro-acoustic music genre, and acoustically as “Krishna Kirtan Music.”  

It is from their valuable decades-long training that Sri & Joakin draw knowledge and inspiration to curate their unique Krishna Kirtan Music classes and their Ecstatic Dance journeys as Global Party People DJs.  In early 2018 Sri & Joakin moved to Long Beach, California, and received the blessing of meeting Dharma Shakti and the beautiful Yogalution Movement family.  Soon after, Sri & Joakin began participating in the Satsang & Kirtan events hosted by Yogalution during many blissful nights. Now Krishna Kirtan Music classes are a weekly get together to deepen and build upon our kirtan practice.

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As part of their mission Sri & Joakin set a new goal to record and freely offer 108 different melodic versions of the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra on their YouTube channel, and you can donate to support their quest on the links below.  Enjoy their live classes here at Yogalution's Online Yoga Studio.  

Peace & Bhakti!

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