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Peace Ambassadors

Yogalution Movement's Yoga Teachers

Get to know our wonderful Yoga Teachers! Scroll below and click on the Teacher's name that you wish to read about. You will be redirected to their unique biography section so you can learn more about their journey into Yoga.

Meet Our Peace Ambassadors!

Amanda Fox

Amanda's Bio

Beto Vega

Beto's Bio


Blakwatter's Bio

Brittani Lassiter

Brittani's Bio

Carina Nickerson

Carina's Bio

Dharma Shakti

Dharma's Bio

Ed Williams

Ed's Bio

Elizabeth Martinez

Elizabeth's Bio

Erin Grissom

Erin's Bio

Jaime Carlyle

Jaime's Bio

Jessika Mirarchi

Jessika's Bio

Dr. Jim Dohn

Dr. Dohn's Bio

Kelly Dean

Kelly's Bio

Lisa Sutton

Lisa's Bio

Marlene Martin

Marlene's Bio

Mary Flocca

Mary's Bio

Matthew Anderson

Matthew's Bio

Matthew Purpura

Matthew's Bio

Melissa Clark

Melissa's Bio

Shelley Bruce

Shelley's Bio


Sopurkh's Bio

Sri & Joakin

Sri & Joakin's Bio

Sue Perkins

Sue's Bio

Zaire Black

Zaire's Bio

Dharma Shakti

Owner & Founder of Yogalution Movement

Read about Dharma Shakti's inspiring journey that led to her becoming the Owner and Founder of Yogalution Movement and Free Yoga on the Bluff.

Founder's Journey