Mary Flocca

Peace Ambassador

Mary Flocca is originally from Long Beach, Ca. She discovered her love for yoga after taking a class at this very studio back when it was Trilogy Yoga about five years ago. Coming for a physical practice, she left with such a great emotional release and connection to self, her yogic fire had been lit. Having a background in mental health, she views yoga as a holistic therapy that helps to increase body awareness, decrease stress, improve self-regulation, and promote physical release in the body. Mary has always been athletic, however her passion for yoga stems from the way it aims to increase mental strength, as well as physical strength. Yoga has impacted so many areas of Mary's life; diet, exercise, relationships, sense of self, spirituality, community, (the list can go on). Yoga is far beyond a physical practice for Mary, it is practice to discover who she truly is.

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