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Introduction to Ayurvedic Nutrition 

A FREE Online Workshop with Meryll Montano

When we learn the language of our own body and how to support it with proper movement, fuel, and appropriate rest, we align ourselves with opportunities for healing. Nutritional sustenance for longevity, physical performance, and mental health is much more than what we put into our mouths.

Friday, June 18th @ 11am PDT on Zoom

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*If you are unable to attend live, a recording will be available for those who register*

In this workshop, you will learn the healing properties of the six tastes and how they affect the energetics of the mind.

You will also learn the Ayurvedic principles of qualities over calories and understand food and your relationship to it in a whole, different light.

 If you are seeking a deeper understanding of the relationship between you, your body, and the food that creates it, you may learn or remember a whole lot more about yourself at the end of this class.

About Meryll Montano 

Meryll Montano is a proud Filipinx-American, daughter of immigrants, Ayurveda Practitioner, and ceremonial, vegan chef. She currently offers Ayurveda plant-based cooking classes, Ayurveda workshops, and curates plant-based kamayan community dinner events. Meryll provides one-on-one Ayurveda consultations and move- at -your- own - pace online programs for Ayurvedic nutrition.


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