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Mondays, October 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Led by Azriel Hudson in our **Lotus Education Room**

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Join Azriel for a 4-week workshop series all about the Women's Menstrual Cycle. This workshop is intended to support you in learning about your womanhood. 


We will take a deep dive into the female reproductive system, menstrual cycle, what happens to your body in each of the four phases and how to sync your life to your cycle. We will also learn about the endocrine system & disruptors, hormones, and lifestyle adjustments you can make to optimize your flow in each phase. Including ways to support a painless period and reduce pms symptoms. 


Azriel created a workbook with all of the information that will be covered so that you can take it home to keep for your reference.

This workshop is for you if: 

You are sexually active 

You experience intense PMS symptoms 

You're unsure of what day you start your period 

You want a better understanding of your female body & how hormones affect you 

You plan to have children and/or have daughters


Included in the workbook will be:

  • Information on each phase in the menstrual cycle

  • How to track your cycle & cycle syncing method

  • Anatomy & Hormones

  • Nutrition support

  • Journal Prompts & Facts

  • Additional Resources that will support you on your Women's Health Journey. 


Syllabus Example: 

  • Week 1: Get to know yourself and your own cycle Female Reproductive Anatomy Menstrual Phase 

  • Week 2: Follicular Phase 

  • Week 3: Ovulation Phase 

  • Week 4: Luteal Phase 

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