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Saturday, April 23rd from 1pm-6pm

Hosted by Ashley Levin and Presented by Jennifer Henkle + Kaylee Noland

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Whole-body trauma healing comes from the holistic psychotherapy framework.

Immerse yourself in a day of learning, experiencing, and connecting with your inner self while building community with likeminded people. Allow yourself to let go of all that no longer serves you in order to manifest your best life. This will be a heart opening & healing experience.


2 hours of Clinical Training

Learn how trauma is held in the body

Learn how to release Trauma

Utilize Somatic IFS techniques and holistic treatments

20 min massage 

20 min acupuncture 

45 min breathwork/reiki 

Gut healthy meal


Free raffle

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Who Can Attend?

Associate and Licensed Therapist’s registered with the board (registration numbers will be required to attend).


Certificate: 2 CE credits will be provided pending approval (LCSW, LMFT, LPCC, Psy.D.) After the training, participants will need to complete an evaluation to receive a course completion certificate and CE’s. CE certificates will be emailed. 

Training Investment:

$300 - $350


In order to achieve the best experience for attendees, space is limited to 20.

What to Expect:

Jai Sri Radhe - SOLO Logo.png


Whole-body trauma healing comes from the holistic psychotherapy framework which holds that a person's consciousness is not housed in any one part of the person, but is instead an integration of the mind, body, and spirit. Practitioners of holistic psychotherapy look at the body as one entity to help people heal and thrive on a much deeper level. This workshop will provide a comprehensive understanding of how trauma is held in the body, the process of somatic IFS, and the relationship and importance in utilizing psychotherapy and holistic treatments to heal the whole person. 

Somatic Internal Family Systems (IFS)- IFS is a theory that believes that the person as a whole being is made up of many parts working in concert with one another. Somatic IFS differs from tradition IFS in that the focus on the body is more comprehensively involved in every step of the process. The client may hear or see the part, or experience the emotions of a part, and is asked where the part resides in the body. During the unburdening process the client is directed to find where the burden is held in or around the body. The unity of body and mind becomes more than a concept and instead a lived experience.

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