Join Dharma Shakti for this FREE Introductory Workshop on the basic philosophy and aim of Yoga when approached as a holistic healing path that leads to wholeness and well-being.

This workshop will give a brief overview of how the modern day yoga we know and experience DOES support the ancient teachings of Yogic Wisdom and its goal of Self Realization - and what that process might look like as we attempt the yogic journey in these current times we are in.

When we have an understanding of the aim and goal of yoga and HOW it applies to our particular position or context of life, we are much better able to navigate the journey and gain profound growth in the process.

Id like to share with you the insights and understandings of this sometimes very seemingly broad path of Yoga that I have gained over the past 15+ years of studying and practicing Vedic Texts and Yogic Philosophy.

Please join me, whether you are a beginner, non-experienced, or well studied.

This Free Workshop is designed to give you a deeper insight to The Yogic Path, The Yogic Concept of Healing and Why The Practice is designed the way it is, so you can show up to your process more intentionally and more connected to what you are implementing

I am here to support your growth and transformation, and I know this information will add great value to your understanding and relationship with Yoga.

This workshop will take place on Zoom for FREE on

Saturday, April 10th 2021 at 2:30pm PDT

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Dharma Shakti received her 200 RYT through a month long training immersion at the Sivananda Ashram in 2005. It was there that she received her spiritual name from Swami Sitaramananda. Having deep connections with the spiritual aspects of yoga and its philosophies, Dharma was moved to begin the propagation of yoga and all it had to offer. She started teaching soon after her return from the ashram, and has been leading classes ever since. Dharma also graduated from CCA and earned an ayurvedic degree, becoming a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner in 2007.

Dharma's classes are influenced by her ayurvedic knowledge and each class is adjusted to who is there and the time of day and and the time of year so that our yoga practice is balanced for what we need in the moment.

Having obtained an E-RYT 200 through yoga alliance in 2011, she continues teaching, and also studying. You will find that Dharma's classes are infused with the philosophies she learns in the ancient texts, because yoga isn't just a physical practice, it is a lifestyle, and her aim is to help guide each student in a way that inspires them to enhance their lifestyle physically, mentally and most of all spiritually. Jai Sri Radhe!

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