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Led by Dharma Shakti w/ Live Sitar from Joel of Dvine1 Music

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RSVP by sending your donation of $65-$85 to DHARMA SHAKTI via Venmo :: @Dharma-Shakti

**Put in the notes :: Great 108 with your email address so you can get all the details!**



Saturday, September 23rd 2023 from 2:00pm-5:00pm

🍂🌞 Embrace Autumn's Arrival with Fall Equinox Sun Salutations! 🌞🍂

As we transition into the cozy and contemplative season of autumn, join us for a special and soul-nourishing practice that celebrates this moment of perfect balance between light and dark.

Dharma and Joel of ‘Dvine1’ have been guiding this practice for the last 9+ years and we welcome you in embracing the transformative practice of this 108 surya namaskar practice. This ancient tradition is a celebration of light, vitality, and renewal!

Alongside Dharma’s inspirational teachings, Joel provides us with melodious tunes and drum beats creating an ideal environment to reset and recommitment to your personal disciplines and yoga practice. 

This practice is a beautiful opportunity to challenge yourself, set intentions for the season ahead, and cultivate a sense of inner peace and resilience. Keep in mind this is a rigorous practice not for pregnant mommies - or brand new first timers - or anyone with high blood pressure or limited mobility.

As you move through each salutation, you'll feel your body awakening, your breath deepening, and your spirit soaring. The collective energy of the group will uplift and inspire you, carrying you through this powerful journey. 

We close out the practice with some sweet mantra and chanting with a dinner served to help the body recover from the physically challenging practice we will do together.

Let's move, breathe, and radiate together. See you on the mat!

RSVP is strongly recommended to secure your spot.

RSVP by sending your donation of $65-$85 to DHARMA SHAKTI via Venmo :: @Dharma-Shakti


**Put in the notes :: Great 108 with your email address so you can get all the details!**

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