Dharma Shakti
Peace Ambassador
Founder & Operator
Dharma Shakti received her 200 RYT through a month long training immersion at the Sivananda Ashram in 2005. It was there that she received her spiritual name from Swami Sitaramananda.  Having deep connections with the spiritual aspects of yoga and its philosophies, Dharma was moved to begin the propagation of yoga and all it had to offer. She started teaching soon after her return from the ashram, and has been leading classes ever since.  Dharma also graduated from CCA and earned an ayurvedic degree, becoming a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner in 2007. Dharma's classes are influenced by her ayurvedic knowledge and each class is adjusted to who is there and the time of day and and the time of year so that our yoga practice is balanced.
Dharma also graduated from CCA and earned an ayurvedic degree, becoming a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner in 2007. Dharma's classes are influenced by her ayurvedic knowledge and each class is adjusted to who is there and the time of day and and the time of year so that our yoga practice is balanced for what we need in the moment. Having obtained an E-RYT 200 through yoga alliance in 2011, she continues teaching, and also studying. She has in the last few years began tutelage under Tukaram Das of the Gaudiya Vaishnav Tradition and has been studying sacred texts such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as well as The Bhagavad Gita and the teachings of Sri Krsna. You will find that Dharma's classes are infused with the philosophies she learns in the ancient texts, because yoga isn't just a physical practice, it is a lifestyle, and her aim is to help guide each student in a way that inspires them to enhance their lifestyle physically, mentally and most of all spiritually.   Jai Sri Radhe!  

Amber Ray

Peace Ambassador

Amber Ray has been belly dancing for about 10 years and had her start in cabaret style.  She is a member of Om Sisters as well as a solo performer.   Her first class was with the world-renown Fahtiem which led to the birth of a life long passion.  Once Amber found Tribal Fusion style belly dance, portals of imagination opened. She has had classes with many of the pioneers of Tribal style belly dance over the years.  Amber believes that performing tribal fusion belly dance allows the soul of an individual be completely expressed through physical movement. She has a deep passion for sharing this truly expressive and graceful art form with her sisters and brothers of the world.

Amanda Fox

Peace Ambassador

Bio Coming Soon!

Beto Vega

Peace Ambassador

Beto was introduced to yoga in 2014 through an effort to add some stretching and movement to the body

while at the start of his career in a sedentary corporate office. Initially his approach was merely

physical but after a few months it became more of a mental stretch. He quickly realized how the

benefits that an understanding of the body and mind could aide his overall wellbeing along with his

ability to interact with the external world. In 2018, after moving to California from his hometown of

Miami, he came across Yoga on the Bluff which led to his discovery of Yogalution Movement and

subsequent enrollment into the Fall Teacher Training with one purpose: “continue progressing

through my practice from physical and mental to a spiritual level where I could begin to understand

and connect to my true Self”. As he continues to navigate through his journey inward, he finds himself

immensely grateful for the opportunity to reach out and offer his support and healing


Peace Ambassador

Blak Watter is knowledgeable and strongly rooted in the healing arts. He has been a massage therapist for 13 years & is currently studying traditional oriental medicine. Rufus teaches yoga with the goal of preparing the mind & body to experience oneness. He is a student of Dharma Shakti & credits her for his profound appreciation of the practice. Under her tutelage he became a Yogulation Movement Ambassador in 2013.

Carina Nickerson

Peace Ambassador

Carina found yoga and meditation as a way to soothe her anxiety, which had grown into panic attacks. She started taking yoga classes and enjoyed a calm and ease that she had never experienced before. This led to a love affair with yoga and her certification as a yoga teacher through Cloud Nine Yoga School. During that same time she also began learning about Yin Yoga with her teacher Sasha Papovich and quickly incorporated this subtle yet powerful yoga into her personal practice which developed into a love of teaching it to others. She has been teaching yoga for 6 years.


Her meditation practice began at roughly the same time. With the gentle and encouraging guidance of her teacher Dr. Andrew Shugyo Bonnici, she has been a dedicated meditation practitioner for the last 14 years. She has also been certified as an Applied Meditation Counselor through the Applied Meditation Institute and has led meditation groups and counseled individuals for over 10 years.  


Carina is passionate about teaching yoga and meditation as a way to connect deeply to the well of aliveness, clarity, compassion, and ease that are inherent within everyone.

Chrissy Sopurkh Kaur

Peace Ambassador

Sopurkh (Chrissy Cox) has been teaching for as long as she has been here on planet earth. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, sharing the authentic teachings of Yogi Bhajan for over 12 years. Rich in yogic philosophy, powerful kriyas, and deep meditative experiences, her classes are opportunities for self-empowerment and growth. Sopurkh enjoys the benefits of Kundalini in every aspect of her life, and is dedicated to helping others reach their true potential.

Dakota Hunt

Peace Ambassador

Dakota Hunt is a Floridian that has made his way out west. He keeps a daily meditation practice, and is constantly pursuing the path of self-growth. He aspires to spread the message of self-care, consciousness, love, and creativity to the community of Skateboarding especially empowering the young adult audience being highly influenced by well-known skateboarders.  Dakota has done his yoga teacher training at Sivanada yoga farm. Aside from all yoga, he is passionate about skateboarding, creating art, clothing, facilitating sound healing journeys, and loves staying in touch with Mother Nature. Instagram - @dakotahunt_

Devyn Pedrano

Peace Ambassador

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Dre Johnson

Peace Ambassador

Dre enjoys practicing yoga with YOU! Together, you will stoke each other’s courage, smile when you fall, and celebrate silently in savasana. Dre’s intention is to allow space for you to listen to yourself and cultivate your inner strength and self worth through pranayama, asana, and meditation practices. You will always be welcomed with warmth, whenever or however you show up. These are all gifts Dre gratefully receives from her teachers, and she joyously shares them with you. See you soon!

Drew Wall

Peace Ambassador

Drew discovered yoga in 2010 and fell in love instantly. The conditioning, discipline, community and quietness of mind he found in his practice were a bright light in a dark time for him. Yoga practice became a gateway into a path of healing: massage therapy, ecstatic dance, a much healthier diet, more focused prayer and meditation, and an overall healthier lifestyle.  As is Drew's natural inclination, he desired to teach what he loved, and was given the opportunity in early 2012. Under the tutelage of Dharma, and in studying other gifted teachers in the Long Beach yoga community, his own style of teaching asana began to develop. Drew loves teaching different styles of class. From high-energy, sweat-soaked power vinyasa to soothing, ooey-gooey-goodness yin practice, exploring poses and sequences that are appropriate for students in a given class is what Drew strives for. He hopes to keep growing, evolving, and learning as a teacher and a human being.

Dr. Jim Dohn

Peace Ambassador

Dr. Jim Dohn teaches an Ashtanga Prep Warm Up Class that is appropriate for all levels. To the beginners he reminds that all yoga is a breathing and presence practice. To the advanced practitioner he provides personal guidance and correction to the more challenging postures. Dr. Jim has been a licensed Doctor of Chiropractice and Hellerwork practictioner for over 30 years. He will be 70 years old on his next birthday in July. He is a firm believer that we can all age gracefully and joyously with daily practices. He is a proud Grandfather of Matilda, age 2, and three wonderfully healthy adult children. His Chiropractic Office is at Well Within Chiropractic and Acupuncture at 3215 E. Broadway Dr. Dohn is very active in local 12 Step Programs,Landmark Education and the Centers for Spirirual Awareness. He is an avid outdoorsman. He and his team climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa in 2014. They called bim "Babu", which is Swahili for Grandfather as he was the oldest person on the mountain that day. Of minor significance his golf index is now 13.3. He completed the last Long Beach Half Marathon in a little over 2 hours. Dr. Jim really loves his life. He is proud and happy to be a part of the Yogalution Family.

Ed Williams

Peace Ambassador

d is from Belize and raised in Los Angeles. A Veteran of the U.S. Navy. In the latter part of 2017 challenges of life landed him at the Long Beach Veteran's Administration Hospital in the Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Yoga found him by way of the Pathways to Health Program Sponsored by the Veterans Yoga Project at the beginning of a journey of healing, introspection and spiritual development. 


"The impact of the Veteran's Yoga Project, Free Yoga on The Bluff and the amazing group of teachers has had a tremendous impact on my life hollistically. Attending classes at the studio elevated my personal practice preparing me for an amazing 200 Hr. Teacher Training experience."


The Journey and all its twists and turns over the course of a year has increased in depth and scope. Under the guidance of Dharma and an amazing community of Yoga Teachers, the culmination of his 200 Hr. YTT was the beginning of a renewed sense of self and purpose; a new life!

Erin Grissom

Peace Ambassador

For Erin, yoga is many things; It is a break from a busy life and a busy mind, a time-out turned time-in, a playful exercise, a purifying tonic, a meditative state, a needed stretch, a practice in patience and perseverance, and ultimately a time to transform and unite. Her goal as a teacher is to help you tune into your breath and your body. Through a combination of Hatha (held poses), Vinyasa (flowing movement), and Pranayama (breath control); Erin will guide you through a practice of intentional movements with intentional breathing, leaving you feeling both physically and mentally lighter after each class. 

Grace Guevara

Peace Ambassador

Grace first started her physical and somatic training as a dancer studying at the CSU Long Beach Department of Dance in 2012. After sustaining an injury during her training, she was drawn to the therapeutic benefits of yoga and began developing a regular practice. After completing a Minor in Dance Studies, she realized that she wanted to bring to others the physical liberation and peace of mind that she found through embracing the yoga lifestyle. This eventually led her to the Yogalution Teacher Training program. As a yoga teacher, Grace utilizes her unique blend of dance and yoga training to create classes that focus on strengthening kinesthetic awareness to create a better understanding of body and self. With an informed, gradual warm-up and cool down, her classes also work on exercising the body efficiently and safely. 

Jessika Mirarchi

Peace Ambassador

Jess is a born and raised San Diego girl who relocated to Long Beach to join the Yogalution family. Having made the decision to leave the corporate world behind, Jess launched into living and loving the yogic lifestyle and is now leading yoga classes around the Long Beach area. Practicing a personalized variation of yoga Jess coined as Spiritual Physique, join her for a class journeying into the cultivation of your unique spirit connection using ancient traditions of hatha yoga.

Maggie Brown

Peace Ambassador

Maggie became interested in yoga after a doctor’s recommendation in 2012. She was diagnosed with scoliosis and sacro-iliac joint dysfunction creating lower back pain and limited mobility that would sometimes prevent her from walking. Her doctor noticed that her body was tense and inflexible—she was many inches from the ground when bending over to touch her toes. Gaining and retaining flexibility in the spine and developing strong lower back muscles through a regular yoga practice was imperative to recovery. Since starting practice in 2012, Maggie has rarely had issues with her lower back. Not only has her physical health improved, but her mental health and clarity has drastically developed and she no longer struggles with chronic anxiety or panic attacks. She is excited to be sharing this ancient and powerfully healing practice with others going through health problems, or those who are simply trying to connect with themselves on a deeper level.

Maggie is interested in all things relating to health or music and when she isn’t working or doing yoga, she is seeking out and dancing to new music, attempting partner acro yoga, or reading about the body and mind. Maggie’s class is vinyasa-style (movement linked with the breath), all levels.

Mariah Mancha

Peace Ambassador

Photo & Bio coming soon!

Marlene Martin

Peace Ambassador

Marlene wandered into a yoga class 17 years ago and has been hooked ever since! Unbelievably grateful for the opportunity to have practiced with amazingly insightful and knowledgeable yoga teachers, she welcomes the opportunity open-heartedly to share this knowledge with you. Her favorite teachers include: Monica Roman, Paul Cabbanis, Peter Barnett, Mela Gaskins-Butcher, Lucy Bivens, Julian Walker, Bryan Kest, Johnny MacAdam, and Dharma Shakti.

Marta Novials

Peace Ambassador

Marta has always been athletic and health oriented, she began practicing Yoga in her early twenties, quickly noticing how Yoga would positively affect all aspects of her life. She became a RYT 200 hrs by Cloud Nine Yoga in 2014 and she  began teaching Hatha Yoga focusing on beginners, following her passion to introducing new students to the benefits of connecting breath and gentle movement. Shortly after, a Children's Yoga class was offered to her, she gladly accepted and found her true path, bringing yoga to children has been her mission since, teaching regularly at studios and offering free yoga classes at public schools. Her teaching style is dynamic and engaging, introducing the little ones to basic philosophy, breath and movement through fun games, songs, stories... She's not afraid to be silly, connect with her inner child and have a great time while teaching. She opened Inner Space Yoga in 2015 to bring Santa Ana its first Hatha Yoga studio, family friendly and welcoming to all students and levels.  

She taught daily meditation classes plus her beloved children's, restorative and beginners classes. It was at one of the children's classes that she was blessed with a student with Autism that came every week,  then she became aware of the benefits that yoga brought to children with special needs, she witnessed, first hand, the transformation: the constant finger tapping would cease, the limbs would relax, his face so calm after Shavasana. A true gift. In 2018 she completed the 25 hour Level 1- Yoga for Children with Autism and Special Needs by the gifted Shawnee Thornton Hardy, and she is always deepening her knowledge to make yoga fun and accessible to kids of all abilities.

Mary Flocca

Peace Ambassador

Mary Flocca is originally from Long Beach, Ca. She discovered her love for yoga after taking a class at this very studio back when it was Trilogy Yoga about five years ago. Coming for a physical practice, she left with such a great emotional release and connection to self, her yogic fire had been lit. Having a background in mental health, she views yoga as a holistic therapy that helps to increase body awareness, decrease stress, improve self-regulation, and promote physical release in the body. Mary has always been athletic, however her passion for yoga stems from the way it aims to increase mental strength, as well as physical strength. Yoga has impacted so many areas of Mary's life; diet, exercise, relationships, sense of self, spirituality, community, (the list can go on). Yoga is far beyond a physical practice for Mary, it is practice to discover who she truly is.

Melissa Clark

Peace Ambassador

Melissa is a Southern California native, who has worked in PR and marketing for several years. She has practiced yoga for over a decade, and in Spring of 2013 completed a teacher training program led by Dharma Shakti. Melissa loves the balance that yoga gives her life, gently stretching and challenging body and mind. On Sunday evenings, Melissa teaches a class titled Stretch Out Stress. She enjoys guiding her students to release the stress in their bodies and minds, encouraging them to start their week off fresh. She is honored to have the opportunity to share the knowledge she has gained through her teacher training with the community and to be part of Yogalution Movement.

Melissa Botten

Peace Ambassador

Melissa is a mama of two grade-school girls, a Holistic Nutritionist and a Vinyasa yoga teacher. She educates her community on combining holistic modalities of healing, to promote vitality and to target any ailments in the body. She teaches meditation, yoga practice and proper clean-eating behaviors to help others and their families, feel empowered to take more control of their health. Melissa specializes in working with children, families and the senior community, by offering alternative healing options to discover or bring back, peace and happiness for mind & body.

Mike Boyd

Peace Ambassador

Mike has been practicing yoga for six years.  He completed his Teacher Training at Yogalution Movement with Dharma Shakti in the Spring of 2017.  He likes to teacher Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga with elements of Kundalini.

Nicole (Nikki) Niestemski

Peace Ambassador

For as long as she can remember Nikki has been fueled by her passions. From having successful careers in dance, makeup artistry and leading an array of group fitness classes, she has always been driven to fearlessly go after her dreams. That’s why she moved to Bali to teach Yoga at The Practice in Canggu. While living there and working at this magical shala she completed 500 hours in the study of Tantric Hatha Yoga, under the guidance of her legendary teachers Octavio Salvado and Karina Guthrie. Through this life changing experience Nikki has found her dharma, to use her positive energy to invoke change in others and inspire them to radically love themselves and shine their light into this extraordinary Universe. Nikki is super stoked to serve this community and share her good vibes and love for the tradition of Yoga. She looks forward to seeing you on your mat and in the surf!

Nicole (Peach) Taylor

Peace Ambassador

Nicole (Peach) Taylor is a trauma-informed yoga teacher with experience working with people of color, women, youth, and the LGBTQ+  community, but all people are welcome to participate in her classes (she also considers herself a member of all previously listed communities). 


Yoga came at time in her life when she was experiencing a lot of tumultuous change. After experiencing a panic attack one evening, she decided to practice yoga and the panic attack stopped. At that moment, she knew that yoga would be a part of her life forever and hasn't stopped practicing 5 years later.


Peach has been a Long Beach resident for 15 years (woot!). When you don’t see her on her yoga mat, you can catch her rollerskating through the neighborhood or rocking out with her colored locks at a local music show.  

Norris Chitamnath

Peace Ambassador

With extensive background with martial art and Vipassana meditation, Norris was self-led and had turned into yoga for the physical well-being and overall health. After taking a yoga class for the first time, he felt in love with yoga immediately, and then he realized that yoga is not only the practice of physical well-being, but also includes self-care and self-love, reflection, mindfulness, and inner contentment. Hence, yoga allows him to see and value the beauty and greatness in life.


Exploring many different styles, Norris later discovered and started practicing Ashtanga/Vinyasa yoga; the fluidity, the beauty and grace, and the meditative qualities captured his heart. He has studied and practiced with many renowned teachers and is always learning and expanding his experience and knowledge of this lifelong practice by continuing to learn from his most favorite and influential teachers from the past and present.Through regularly studying and practicing, yoga has led him to immerse himself in a yoga teacher training at Yogalution Movement to deepen his personal practice physically, mentally, and spiritually so that he hopes to learn, live, and share the yogic value and practice with others.


Combining elements of many yoga styles, Norris uses yoga as a tool and/or a gateway/path to expand our full potential incorporating intelligence, invigorating sequences, calming and balancing energy, and expressing and liberating the beauty and grace of the yoga practice into dynamic and inspiring alignment-based flow, allowing peace and joy to nourish within and spread to others. He also seeks to share and help others thriving in life by nurturing body, mind, and soul with yoga.

Sabrina Eckmann

Peace Ambassador

A former dancer, Sabrina found yoga while seeking out a new way to reconnect with her body. Her love for yoga grew out of a deeper connection to self, spirit, and other beings that the practice brings. Yoga has and continues to heal and transform her physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Sabrina teaches yoga to share her passion for the practice and to serve and empower others. 

Samantha Berman

Peace Ambassador

Samantha Noel Berman (otherwise known as Sunshine Sparkle the Yoga Witch) strives to provide people with a practice that cultivates a compassionate connection to themselves, and others. Samantha took her first yoga class in 2015, and immediately felt a deep call to the work. Since then, she has expanded her practice to include mindfulness meditation, reiki (a form of energy healing), massage therapy, and tarot reading. Sunshine is a certified yoga teacher, massage therapist, holy fire reiki master, embodied mindfulness coach and teacher, and tarot reader. Through cultivating these practices in her own life, she has been able to learn deeply about herself and her surrounding environment, and believes that these are simple, yet amazing tools for anyone to use.

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