Reclaim Your Agenda

A FREE Virtual Workshop to Find Clarity, Connect to Purpose and Vision, and Re-Commit to What Matters to you!


What will your Next Bold Move be for 2021?

Will it be the same patterns, or will it be a new year, new vision, new clarity and renewed purpose - which will ultimately culminate in a NEW YOU!?

Join me LIVE this weekend to Reclaim Your Agenda!

Saturday, January 2nd @ 2:30pm PST

What to Expect in this FREE 1-Hour Workshop: 

  • We will assess the major life arenas important to every human being so you can get clarity on what's important to you.
  • We will then Architect a plan to help you navigate your way through your 2021 feeling Connected, Intentional, and Empowered.

Reclaim Your Agenda with Dharma Shakti this Weekend!

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