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Saturday, August 27th from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Guided by Lynda Arnold

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Get ready to connect with the earth and plant new seeds during this August New Moon celebration at Yogalution Movement in Long Beach with Lynda Arnold and Multi-Sensory wellness expert, Avatara Levine.

Medicinal Taheebo Tea Experience & Sound Bath Meditation (w/ optional VIP sensory seating).


Medicinal Taheebo Tea

In this special experience we will introduce a very special bark, from a very special tree. This tree is resistant to mold, bacteria, fungus etc. The amazing properties of this tea have helped many on their journeys and is an amazing tool to have in the kitchen! This tea may assist with Candida, Cancers, Infections, Inflammations, Herpes, MRSA, Yeast, Influenza, and so much more. We will learn a little about this bark, infuse a cup with our intentions for our meditation that evening, and sample the amazingly good tasting brew together. Some amazing facts and stories about this tea will be shared, coming from laymen and medical professionals alike. We can make no medical claims that this tea will "heal" you. We will however joyfully provide enough information and a lovely experience for you to introduce yourself to this amazing plant, and integrate it in a way that feels right for you.

Sound Bath Meditation Integration

The collaborative sound bath with Lynda and Ava is powerful and will include large Gongs, Gem Infused 432Hz Singing Bowls, Flutes, Drums, Rattles, Drone Soundscapes, Vocals, and more. Sound Meditations allow the body and mind to fully relax as you engage in a full frequency listening experience. You will be transported to alternate states of being as you travel within a safe space. The tea and your intentions will be along for the ride.

Sensory Alchemy VIP Treatments

There will also be a VIP "Very Intentional Person" section for those enthused about trying the magic of Sensory Alchemy! For an extra $15 you will receive front row placement, crystal on the body with reiki activation, light therapy and individualized sound tools around your body facilitated by Avatara during the sound meditation.