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*Every 4th Friday of the Month*
Friday, October 27th from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Led by Dharma Shakti + Community Friends



Our monthly Satsang and Kirtan is a practice of bhakti, or devotional yoga, a centuries-old form of spiritual practice common in many traditions. Join us in this practice led by Dharma Shakti & Friends!

Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga are deeply intertwined practices rooted in the ancient tradition of devotional spirituality.


Kirtan is a form of call-and-response chanting where participants come together to sing sacred mantras and melodies. It is a powerful and joyful expression of devotion and love towards the divine. Through Kirtan, we immerse ourselves in the uplifting vibrations of the music, opening our hearts and connecting with something greater than ourselves.


Bhakti Yoga is the path of love and devotion. It is a practice of cultivating a deep and personal relationship with the divine, in whatever way one may perceive it. Bhakti Yoga encourages surrender, selfless love, and the offering of our actions, thoughts, and emotions as acts of devotion.


Together, Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga create a harmonious and transformative experience. Through the repetition of sacred chants and the cultivation of devotional love, we can transcend the boundaries of the ego, connect with our higher selves, and experience a profound sense of unity and bliss.


These practices are accessible to all, regardless of musical or vocal abilities. They provide a space for spiritual exploration, emotional release, and connection with a community of like-minded individuals.


By participating in Kirtan and embracing the path of Bhakti Yoga, we tap into the universal language of the heart and experience the transformative power of devotion and love.


Join us in this rich spiritual practice every 4th Friday of the month. 


Kirtan is offered by donation and the suggested amount is $10-$20 per person.


*No RSVP Necessary - Just show up*

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