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UPCOMING WORKSHOP DATES: December 6th & 20th
1st & 3rd Wednesday at 7:00pm  |  This Month's Topic: Bhagavad Gita

with Sri & Joakin of Krishna Kirtan Music

First Wednesday of the workshop month is dedicated to musicology, raga, instruments, mantra and kirtan

Third Wednesday of the workshop month is dedicated to lila/pastimes, jñãna/knowledge and kirtan

*Dedicated Q&A time during each class*

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Interested in this next workshop series on the Bhagavad Gita?
RSVP or email Sri & Joakin below BEFORE December 4th and they will connect back with you on enrollment details!



Develop your ability to lead kirtan, or simply deepen your bhakti practice with Sri & Joakin and Krishna Kirtan Music.


Join us for this 2-part workshop on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7pm on Zoom

*each class is approximately 90-120mins and the subject changes each month


1st class - in depth musicality of the kirtan, mantra, raga, sargam & instruments : how to play the kirtan.


2nd class - connect the kirtan from the previous class with the story and pastime of that kirtan to provide a complete understanding of the Divine subject and deepen our bhakti and kirtan practice.


This group workshop is held via Zoom with excellent sound quality.  Class curriculum is provided and a dedicated camera on the harmonium keyboard is provided for those who wish to play along.  Due to the 2-part workshop curriculum, those who register will join the next month's complete workshop, meaning that if you register in the middle of the month, you will have access to the following month's workshop series.

$50 / Person for each 2-Part Monthly Workshop


Current kirtan students share that these twice monthly workshops are a source of deep serenity and nurturing bhakti.  

  • Learn new kirtans, mantras and melodies with topics inspired by the Hindu lunar calendar. 

  • Deep dive into classical North Indian ragas with music notation and talas.

  • Learn about Ganga Devi, Ramachandra, Hanumana, Shiva, Krishna, Yamuna Devi and many other Divine Devas and Devis who are the subjects of our kirtans.

  • Each month is a complete subject broken into two parts.

  • Part 1 - first Wednesday of the month is dedicated to musicology, raga, instruments, mantra and kirtan

  • Part 2 - third Wednesday of the month is dedicated to lila/pastimes, jñãna/knowledge and kirtan

  • Please arrive 5 minutes early and log in.  Headphones are recommended for best sound.

  • Camera needs to be on, to foster personalism and trust within the community (exceptions can be made for a regular student who is, for example, driving).

  • Relax and simply listen, or play along on your instruments and take notes - your bhakti practice, your choice.

  • Return workshop students may be invited to join our Patreon for discount access to class 

  • Our community is loving, peaceful and welcoming.  After registration we'll email you a short housekeeping list to help you easily join the class flow. 

  • On rare occasions we may move class to a different week, but will notify with resolution.

Have questions? Email Sri & Joakin:


$50.00 / Monthly Workshop Series (Parts 1 & 2)
Jai Sri Radhe - SOLO Logo.png



Sri Keshava is a student of bhakti yoga under the guidance of her diksha guru H.D.Goswami, Harvard Ph.D. in Sanskrit & Indian Studies.  Her Khayal and North Indian Classical Music studies began with renowned singer Tulika Gosh whose extended family contains numerous classical Indian music legends.  She further studied and owes most gratitude to her Khayal / Hindustani guru Sanjukta Dasgupta cofounder of Raga Ragini School of Music, herself a student of the late Shri Durgesh Mishra of the Benares Gharana.   It is here that Sri began a lifelong appreciation and study of Ragas and Raginis and how they contribute 'rasa' or taste/emotion to our spiritual kirtan practice.  Sri is studied in Odissi dance with guru Nandita Behera of Odissi Dance Circle, and Mohiniyattam with guru Radha Carmen.  These days Sri combines abhinaya and pure dance from both regional styles to add to her live mantra DJ sets, as well as dances pure dance items at Temple events.  Previously Sri was singer and guitarist in razor pop-punk band Baby Gopal with a brief stint as second guitarist and backing vox in hardcore punk band Shelter.  Her passion is devotional music and dance in its many forms.  Her conch blowing is your call to the kirtan!



Joakin is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Boston, majoring in percussion and music production.  Joakin brings his love of percussion and melodies into raga-based kirtans as well as playing live percussion during Global Party People mantra DJ sets with cowbell, bongos, pandero, kit and mrdanga employing rhythms from around the world. His love of kirtan began upon hearing great kirtaniyas and studying their intricate percussion talas and rhythms.   


Sri & Joakin's unique approach is the marrying of the classical ragas with kirtan and pastimes, to provide a comprehensive overview of bhakti topics and Divine personalities.  Together they live and breathe mantra music with their projects Krishna Kirtan Music (acoustic) & Global Party People DJs & Kirtaneers (electronic).  They have performed across the USA, the Americas, Europe and Australia, and of course with the beloved Yogalution community in Long Beach, California.  


Their online format class format allows them to travel for their live events and maintain regular kirtan classes monthly.  They run classes in two time zones, so if you are traveling to Asia or Europe, you don't have to miss your kirtan workshop!

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Listen to Krishna Kirtan Music on Youtube! click here to subscribe for free.


You can support their music on these links:

Click here to support their music with any amount of your choice Kirtan Freedom via Paypal or Debit / Credit Card.

Click here to become a Patron Kirtan Maharaja & above unlocks unlimited live classes, class archives and notations.


Find out more about them at

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