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Sunday, December 3rd from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Led by Bailey Jo in our **Lotus Room**

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Menarche is a Greek word which refers to the first menstrual period of a girl or woman. 


In this ceremony, you will be guided back to the time of your first encounter with your blood through meditation. Through this exercise, you'll have a chance to connect the dots between your first blood and other events in your life as a cycling woman. The imprints we receive at menarche can impact us for the rest of our lives; so, if the imprints we received were negative, or even just neutral, this ceremony gives us the opportunity to re-write those memories and shift those imprints towards a positive and holistic celebration of our blood, which is our birthright. We'll express ourselves through art or writing, and have a chance to share about our experiences in the safe container of our circle.


  • Your first period was traumatic

  • Your first period was confusing, shameful, or embarrassing

  • Your first period came and went, without any celebration

  • Your relationship to your period is one of dread, pain, and contempt for your womb

  • Your periods are fine, but you feel disconnected from your womb power

  • You feel disenchanted with womanhood

  • You're in a fabulous, intimate relationship with your womb/cycles, and you want to go deeper

  • You want to be a lighthouse for your daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and sisters and a shining example of a strong, feminine woman

  • You want to connect with other women in your community about holistic womb care and conscious, feminine living

  • You're not sure about this woo-woo-womb stuff, but hey, what could it hurt?

$44 Minimum Donation to Attend

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Bailey Jo is a Fertility Awareness Educator, women's rite of passage facilitator, and dance/yoga instructor passionate about sharing holistic health practices with women, men, and teens. Her own struggle with menstrual pain and irregularity initiated her into the blood mysteries and healing arts. Bailey also has a background in counseling psychology, which she merges with her teaching and coaching to provide a safe and understanding, yet catalyzing container for growth for her clients. "Crunchy"-to-boot, Bailey dabbles in herbal medicine, German New Medicine, and permaculture gardening.

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