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I'm Jamie Hulk "The Holistic Hulk" and I'm on a mission to help others feel "Empowered from the inside out"! As a former athlete nicknamed "The Hulk" who was "strong" pushing through her body's limits and ended up fracturing her back and ending her college scholarship & sports career, I eventually carried this same mindset for many years and burnt out in all areas of my life. But, once I found Yoga, Ayurveda, health coaches, & the wellness community, my journey of actually thriving easefully with self-care tools, loving myself, and becoming WELL holistically in my mind, body, & soul was born, and my life, path, & purpose changed forever - I made a promise to myself to strive to be a "Holistic Hulk".


I now desire to give this same gift back to the world and change lives through teaching yoga & hosting community wellness events. My favorite quotes by Malcolm X "When 'i' becomes 'we', illness becomes wellness" and Ram Dass' "I can do nothing for you but work on can do nothing for me but work on yourself" align with my purpose to impact the world by focusing on the whole individual being in we can then all show up for eachother & the world around us better, together! My hope is my classes provide you with simple tools to use OFF the mat for life's everyday challenges, providing confidence in being able to Self Soothe...and FLOW through what you go through! Last but not least, I hope to inspire us to live from the heart 'true Soul Self', with our heads as the co-pilot as a 'calm, peaceful mind' a life of ease and THRIVING, not just surviving! NAMASTE!


P.S, music is my love language so there will be curated, different music playlists for each class as well as wisdom drops I've learned along the way!


Instagram: @jamiehulk


Phone: (562) 704-2379


Venmo: @jamie_hulk


Zelle: (562) 704-2379

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Yogalution Movement Peace Ambassador

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