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Saturday, August 13th from 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Led by Zaire Black + Community Friends



Higher Ground aims to elevate our spirit & gather the tribe. This offering is a chance to feel connected as one. Right now, we greatly need these special opportunities to practice aspects of wellness & listen to music that is uplifting to our hearts. Bring your family to participate in a night of yoga practice, joyous music, mental clearing breathwork, & the surrender to our sound bath. Join our soul family as we activate vibrational love!


Note: kids are welcome but please be sure they are suited for yoga & meditation experiences.


This month we present yoga with DharmaShakti, a special part of the Long Beach yoga culture. She is the founder of Yogalution Movement and a vibrant part of the LB community. Zaire will then facilitate Breath Meditation, or “Breathwork” that focuses on the heart center & uses multifaceted guidance to elevate the frequency. Next we will have (Ed) YogaofDevotion & (Chrissy) OracleGong provide us with the sound journey for the night. Both facilitators help support the healing journey via the sound scape post meditation. This group will energize the space & are working to manifest a asana yoga practice, breath meditation and beautiful sound bath to make awesome happen.


Higher Ground is a Zaire Black intention brought to you by Yogalution. 


Higher Ground is rooted in the universal concept of ascending to our God(s). Be it ideals of the pyramids w Egyptians, temples w Aztec or mountains w Greeks. Many spiritual journeys the world over deal with rising up to the heavens. Join us for a night with those sentiments offered via wellness and music.


Teff Cafe offers vegan Ethiopian eats of the highest quality.

Living Water offers water wisdom and insight to access optimal health.

The Reconnect offers Tarot / Oracle readings.


Vendors Needed .. if interested contact Zaire at: zaireblackmusic@gmail.com


6:00 Opening / Market

6:30pm Yoga w Dharma

7:10pm Break

7:30 pm BreathWork w Zaire

8:10 pm SoundBath: YogaofDevotion (Ed) & OracleGong (Chrissy)

8:40 pm Market


Yoga mat, water, blanket, funds to support vendors.

Questions? Contact Zaire at: zaireblackmusic@gmail.com