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Friday, June 24th from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Led by our Special Guest: Radhika Dasa



Our monthly Satsang and Kirtan is a practice of bhakti, or devotional yoga, a centuries-old form of spiritual practice common in many traditions. Join us in this practice led by our very special guest Radhika Dasa


A kirtan is a call-and-response style song or chant, set to music, wherein multiple singers recite or describe a legend, or express loving devotion to a deity and discuss spiritual ideas.


Kirtan is offered by Donation and the suggested amount is $10-$20 per person. Hosted every 4th Friday of the month!


Life is filled with so many to dos and to bes. Find time to join a beautiful sangha of like minded souls where you can tune in and sing out with love and devotion. It'll not only clear your mind but also open your heart.

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