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and Gita Studies Resource Page

~ A Resource Page of our Weekly Class Recordings ~

On this page you will find our Bhagavad Gita class recordings to watch on your own time on our YouTube channel. Join us LIVE every Thursday at 1:30pm PT on Zoom by clicking the button below. Happy studying!


Not The Body, Not The Mind, You are Divine

Nature of the Soul

The Essence of the Gita

What is Your Foundation?

Srimad Bhagavatam & Krnsa Lilas 

Krishna Consciousness

The Goal is a Steady Mind

Karma Yoga: The Art of "Work"

Women on The Path of Bhakti

What Impels Us?

Understanding Your Circumstances + Being Sober

Invocations + Opening Mantras

Yoga is Equanimity

Being Equipoised

The Art of All Work

Down to the Essence

Material or Spiritual?

Gods, Goddess’s, Demigods

Karma Yoga = Bhakti Yoga

Better to be YOURSELF

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