Empowered Living

~ Think Better - Feel Better - Do Better ~ 

"If nothing changes, nothing changes."

I'm ready to architect my life!

Empowered Living is a

~6 Week Group Coaching Program~

with Dharma Shakti who will guide your way to an Authentic and Purpose-Driven Lifestyle

This program is designed specifically to help you succeed above and beyond standard norms over the LONG TERM, while maintaining positivity, well-being and healthy relationships. 

Having the proper mindset and proper practices help you grow intentionally so you can architect the life you desire to live while maintaining your integrity, values and purpose and not completely losing yourself in your process to be the best you that you can be!!


Empowered Living is the ONGOING process of feeling FULL ENGAGEMENT, JOY, and CONFIDENCE that comes from living from your BEST SELF!!

 The Program Includes:

1-hour group sessions once a week where we focus on...







Defining Purpose 


Sessions take place on Zoom every Saturday at 2:30pm PST.

Sessions begin Saturday, January 9th 2021.


We all want 2021 to be the year of GREAT CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION - lets start the year out with like minded individuals and a structured program designed specifically to help you grow into and succeed at whatever it is you do or want to do in your life, and with your life! 


The Empowered Living Group Coaching Program is a Limited-Time Special Offer for a one-time payment of only...


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Client Testimonials

"What a gift it has been these past few months with Dharma Shakt! I began these coaching sessions knowing that I was ready to own my dreams, but lacked confidence and clarity. Being able to discuss, work through, and then reflect on the blockages that were holding me back literally changed my life. The way Dharma held space to show me that I had all the answers within, was a huge revelation to my soul. I look back at the beginning of our coaching sessions, and I just can't believe how much I have overcome. By saying yes to my dreams, I have created the life I always knew I was capable of having. I went from doing certain things that didn't align with my soul, working at a job I didn't like, and full of self doubt. A few months after working with Dharma, I am now owning my own yoga studio, quit my old job, and holding myself accountable everyday to live as a high performer. I can't thank Dharma enough for believing in me, showing me my strength, and helping me step into my own Dharma."

Love, Syd

I am ready to live Empowered!