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Sunday, July 31st from 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Guided by Lynda Arnold



Are you ready to dive deeper into the resonance and power of your own voice for self-healing, meditation and contemplation? Now is a great time to commit to gaining new skills, insights and connection to your deeper soul’s mission and calling. Our voice is one of the vehicles we can use to connect to our body, mind, and spirit. 


I often meet people who want to sing more, use their voice and feel more free to express themselves but feel blocked. Others have had the experience of being dismissed or discouraged from doing so in one way or another. It’s time to dismantle those old programs and hesitations and truly embrace your own sound!


Learning vocal meditations, medicine songs and chanting is a wonderful way to connect with our own sound and to learn to love the sounds we make that are available to us at any moment.


In this workshop we will explore my 4 module path to opening the voice through vocal meditation practices. We will begin with audible breath release exercises, then move into vocal toning, a powerful and simple vocal meditation practice to shift your state of consciouness. From the vocal toning experience, we move into call and response melodic singing over drone and touch on free vocalization exploration. Our workshop will end with an introduction to the powerful world of sanskrit mantra, an ancient vibrational language that affects our entire mind, body and spirit.


Lynda Arnold, Certified Sound Healer

Lynda is a seasoned Multi-instrumentalist, Music Producer, Educator and Performer with multiple music releases on a variety of international labels including on her own independent label. Her music is an eclectic brand of ethereal electronic songs and chill instrumentals released under her moniker, ‘Divasonic.’ Her journey into Sound Healing is yet another extension of finding her own well-being and spirit through music and sound. In turn, she intends to provide a gateway for others to transform and heal

through sound as well. Her private sessions combine the Tibetan Bowls with other acoustic instruments like tuning forks, chimes and flutes.