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Empowered Living

Episode 9 | "Unconscious Patterns"

Cori Cauble

Cori’s life is dedicated to helping people get unstuck from their personal hamster wheel and grow into who they’re truly meant to be in this life. By learning to recognize the unconscious patterns we’ve learned throughout life, understanding how to release and unhook them, and create a ‘new story’ and a life you love.

Her Pattern-Healing program, Elevate Your Life, focuses in with her laser-like precision and gift of listening to the patterns that are causing people pain, frustration or sorrow in their adult life. She teaches how to shift these behaviors and create not just awareness but a true understanding and even an opportunity of enlightened presence that can act as a guide for you to navigate peacefully through life.

  • IG: @Elevatewithcori
  • Facebook: Elevatewithcori
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