Ayurveda with Karuna Diedericks 

visiting from Houston, Texas, August 9-11, 2019


  • Find out your Ayurvedic constitution and the nature of your imbalances and disharmony

  • Get help to deal with digestive issues, weight management, stress, anxiety and depression

  • Receive expert advice on the best Ayurvedic diet to follow for your body-type.


Contact Karuna Diedericks for more info or to book your appointment at karuna.ayurveda@gmail.com or 281-546-9698



Karuna's Bio


Karuna Diedericks is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, graduate of the California College of Ayurveda (2007). She has been a practicing consultant in Houston since moving there in 2008. The majority of her clients come with one or more of three things - poor digestion due to diet, weight issues or anxiety due to stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Ayurveda offers valuable, time-tested solutions to these and many other health challenges. In times of illness, individual consultations give her clients another point of view on their condition and help them find holistic alternatives that target the root cause, not only the symptoms.  


Karuna’s journey started as a plant-based chef over twenty years ago. Her keen study and understanding of Ayurveda and natural talent in the kitchen have made her an expert on Ayurvedic cooking. She has taught hundreds of students how to cook Ayurvedic meals that balance the body’s systems. Her powerful classes have made a great impact on her students’ food choices and way of cooking.


A yoga practitioner since her teens, Karuna earned her 200- hour yoga teacher certification through The Yoga Institute of Houston in 2008. Using yoga as a healing modality together with Ayurveda, she has helped her patients overcome their health challenges through yoga practice. 

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