Discover the keys to attaining and preserving health, balance and ultimate well-being.


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic approach for health, balance, and well-being. Translated as "life knowledge", Ayurveda encompasses nutrition and diet, daily routines, yoga practices, spirituality, meditation, and various forms of therapy. Over 7,000 years old, Ayurveda is considered to be "the mother" of all medicine. Its purpose is to heal the root cause of a disease by restoring balance across the five elements.

Increase Stamina

Give yourself a full-body oil massage for smoother skin, increased stamina, and better quality sleep.

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Therapy for Dry Eyes

Netra Basti is the traditional Ayurvedic eye treatment that involves bathing the eyes in plain or medicated ghee

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Stress Relief

Shirodhara is one of the most helpful body therapies for treating stress and preventing diseases.

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The Mother of All Medicine

The Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda

The Rishi’s (sacred seers) of India transmitted what they observed from nature through meditation and prayer. From this wisdom we get a simple yet vast paradigm of health and balance, how to maintain, preserve, regain, and attain ultimate well - being.

The Five Elements

You and I are created and made up of the 5 elements, yet we all have a unique blend of them, which is what creates our prakruti (constitution). Using the five elements ether, air, fire, water, and earth to describe the basic foundation of everything that exists in our everyday lives, one can come to understand the nature of all things, as the rishi’s did. When the elements get out of an orderly balance, this is when we experience imbalance of all kinds, what we have been taught to believe as disease (dis-ease). Regaining balance within the elements is the main science of Ayurveda.

Finding Balance

This divine wisdom aims at finding and healing the root cause of disease rather than treating symptoms. In fact, there is NO treating disease in Ayurveda, only balancing of the five elements. There are many therapies used to bring balance to the elements, which are mostly applied through the five senses. Taste with food, smell with aroma therapy, touch with massage and oil application, sight with color therapy, sound with music and other vibrational healing therapies. Other therapies include yoga, meditation, spiritual practice, spending time in nature, spiritual study and self study, lifestyle habits and daily routines.

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