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A Personal Story  

Its embarrassing!!  Its about my struggle with trying to fit in!! it really was a painful turning point for me in my journey towards making AUTHENTICITY a personal value!  





How to Cultivate Authenticity

All I wanted was to be liked by the cool kids

Can you relate?? Look, we all make mistakes, its a very human thing to do!!! I am not proud of this mistake I am confessing to in this video, its hard for me to even share it, in fact, i have ever shared this story before!! What's important is what we do with our mistakes, what we learn from our mistakes, and how we GROW from our mistakes. When we are striving to live from our spirit, from our soul, we are able to show up to life with MORE than just our human-ness. We can override the tendencies of the human nature... when we live from our authentic self, the SOUL self!

Struggling with your AUTHENTICITY? Struggling to know your Authentic Self? Struggling with the journey of going from Synthetic to Authentic ?

We have been there, Carina and I, and we know how painful and difficult the journey can be... We have a lot of life experiences, frameworks, philosophies and processes that can ABSOLUTELY help you!!! We got you!!! Join us for our Urban Retreat - and IMMERSIVE dive into the work of excavating our AUTHENTIC SELF. Our 4th Annual AWAKENING AUTHENTICITY RETREAT! Dec 6-8th in Sunset Beach! Catch our Early Bird Special Right now for some GREAT bonuses that only last until OCt 25th.

Click Here for more details and to reserve your spot. 


Dont forget that you can work with Dharma One on One - in person, via zoom or phone consultation (from anywhere in the world!). If you want growth, health, wellbeing, progress and transformation in your life, click here to schedule a session with Dharma Shakti


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